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Milehigh6 Oct

Christie Kwon Executive Director of Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation Research Mile High Message

Grateful for the people behind the foundation for vertebral subluxation research. So often people that do real work to move our profession…

Milehigh29 Sep

People Keep Talking About MILE HIGH!

Discover what people are saying about THE most talked about event in TIC! MILE HIGH gets rave reviews each year for good reason… It’s content rich and authenTIC as well as

Milehigh8 Sep

Mile High 2017 (AKA #MH5) Highlight Reel

This is the must watch Mile High Highlight Reel. This will give you an inside look at what goes down when Chiropractors Rise up to a Mile High!

Milehigh2 Aug

Saving Chiropractors, The Profession and The World

What if the energy you utilize to provide chiropractic care actually flows both ways. In this video from the 2014 Mile High event, Dr. Jeanne Ohm explains

Milehigh28 Jul

The importance of your chiropractic mission

Dr. Judy Nutz Campanale will be one of the featured speakers again this year at Mile High 2017 in Denver, August 17th-20th. In this video, Judy talks about the importance of your chiropractic mission to not only love and serve others, but to help others love and serve. Your practice members have important gifts to […]

Milehigh26 May

Teach the children….

Teach the children…. “You have a Strong body, you have a healthy body, my body knows how to heal you”

Milehigh24 May

It’s A Day Full Of Giveaways For Chiro Students!

If you are currently a chiropractic student or doc that knows chiropractic students you won’t want to miss out on this.

Milehigh5 Apr

The truth is in the TIC

Brian T. Lumb from the Mile High stage Sharing his love for Chiropractic. The clock is TIC’ing! Join us on higher ground