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[Podcast] Pure and Powerful – Dr. Peter Amlinger


Very few doctors are known around the world across multiple countries and continents. Dr. Peter Amlinger is one of them. He maybe best known for his involvement as part of the Dynamic Essentials team teachers.  He’s also the founder of Pure and Powerful in Canada. And there’s much more that he’s given to the Chiropractic profession.

Dr. Peter Amlinger graduated the top of his class TMCC in 1985 and was instrumental in the birth of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic. He’s a recipient of the Canadian Chiropractor of the Year Award in 2006, and he was elected to the counsel of the College of Chiropractors, on Chiropractors of Ontario.

Much more than any awards or accolades, Peter is known for honoring the principles and being focused on helping doctors assist others purely and powerfully. One of his favorite quotes is, “The divinity of infinity is with all.” – B.J. Palmer.

What you’ll hear on this podcast includes:

  • How Peter found his way to Chiropractic
  • The experience of being at Dynamic Essentials back in his hay day
  • Why he started Pure and Powerful
  • How we honor the principle and practice
  • How we live more neatly
  • And much more!

Enjoy this episode and may it inspire you to serve others and further awake their healing within.

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[Podcast] Pure and Powerful – Dr. Peter Amlinger