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Advancing vitalistic subluxation adjustment focused


in Colorado and beyond!

Mile High Chiropractic Foundation

The Mile High Chiropractic Foundation is a State of Colorado nonprofit organization in application for 501(c)3 nonprofit status.


Keeping chiropractic as a separate and distinct health care profession based on subluxation and life enhancement.

As a part of its mission, Mile High Chiropractic Foundation supports public access to chiropractic care in Colorado and beyond through:










Help students attend the next Mile High!

Richard Roth Student Travel Fund

Many students band together and rent buses and other transportation each year and share rooms. We decided to have the RICHARD ROTH Student Travel Fund donation.

Who is Richard Roth?

He was a dear friend of many of us at Mile High who attended each and every year, and loved the program. Tragically, he passed away a few years and we began to hold the Student Travel and Ticket donations in his name as he was very concerned about the Future of Chiropractic and feel that Mile High was a shining light for students.

I’m amazed at how generous the doctors associated with Mile High each and every year and their commitment to chiropractic’s future and helping students get going in a better direction.

Thank you for the strong financial support that you donors gave!

I wish to take a moment and formally acknowledge our supporters that have been there for us over the years.

Thank You

to the following 2022 donors:

Jeffrey Parham
Jack Wolfson
David Bell
Tori Zeien
David Durham
Shane Kurth
John Steffens
Ryan Marchman
Cornell Cornish
Zac Cummins
Grant Ferguson
Dan Lyons
Jan Kirschner
Elizabeth Kincaid
Lara Hill
Matthew McCoy
Robert Love
Jack Bourla
Laurie Meinholz
Tyler Lewis
Laura Duke
Ben Claussen
Mandy Jairell
Mackenzie McNamarra
Darin Mazepa
Matthew Mancuso
Wade Port
Kate Glebocki

The 2022 Mile High 10th Anniversary Weekend was a great success. The attendance was record breaking, and Mile High supported the Foundation’s fundraising efforts. The results were the best ever. The MH Foundation is poised and ready to continue the mission with the help of Kari Hershey, and a multitude of likeminded professionals.

It is imperative to us that the voice of principled Chiropractic here in Colorado be heard. This is not new to us. For many years members of the Foundation have been active with legal representatives at the board meetings here in Colorado, speaking up for the founding principles of Chiropractic. Your relationship with the Foundation and your continued support you have helped achieve significant results and are very much valued and appreciated! The continued support of generous donors like you enables the Foundation to create a legal team that stands for a place where vitalistic, subluxation-based Chiropractic care can thrive. With your continued support, great things will continue to be achieved for the world of Chiropractic.