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Saving Chiropractors, The Profession and The World

What if the energy you utilize to provide chiropractic care actually flows both ways. In this video from the 2014 Mile High event, Dr. Jeanne Ohm explains how, especially working with pregnant women and babies, the chiropractor receives healing energy as well as giving it. Dr. Ohm says, “Working with pregnant moms and babies is going to save chiropractors, the profession and the world.” Watch this short video to find out how!

Jeanne is going to speak again at Mile High 2017 in Denver, August 17-20th. This is a sneak peek at the kind of information, insight and inspiration you’re going to experience at Mile High. If you don’t have tickets yet for yourself and your staff, register right now at Don’t miss your chance to hear Dr. Jeanne and more than a score of other fabulous speakers!

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See you on a higher ground!

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Saving Chiropractors, The Profession and The World