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Donald Epstein: Focusing on enhancing what is right with the person [Podcast]

"Don't make you self the hero anymore, allow the universe to be the hero and serve it." - Donald Epstein

Chiropractic today for a better world tomorrow, that has been a mantra that we have heard in the chiropractic profession for multiple decades. However, it is very common for chiropractors to look only at stagnant models that are outdated. "Camping at the grave-site of their ancestors as Reggie Gold would say.". Mile High tickets are rising April 15th Grab yours here www.milehighchiro.org.

Few take the foundational values and principals of our vitalistic philosophies being in congruence with them and bringing them into today's philosophical, scientific, and research understandings. This is an area in which Donald Epstein has always been a trailblazer; that is focusing on what is next. What is the next level, what is the next possible thing to aim for and how far can we take this vitalistic values and principles of our philosophy into it actually manifesting in ways chiropractic has promised.

This episode is a deep one; this is not a light to listen to so I recommend that you take out a notepad to take notes. We discuss a full range from neurological coherence and central pattern generators and even discuss Sid William's quote that "There is nothing bigger than life. " This is a rare episode where you hear Donald Epstein talk about "dropping the keys."

Everyone who listens to this will certainty have their beliefs and thoughts processes stretched into new dimensions to think deeper about what it is that we think we know. Enjoy this episode and get more Donald Epstein at Mile High August 17th to 20th, 2017.

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"Keep everlasting on top of details for that is what makes or break an organization. Be kind but stern. Be firm but thoughtful. Principles are important but so are people." - BJ Palmer

Question of the day: "How important is research in chiropractic?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • The concept of "people wanting more", why would it be the best area to focus when it comes to communication?
  • Should every chiropractic school put coherence in the center of their education?

Links and people mentioned:

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