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Welcome to the Mile High Podcast!

Each episode, we extract vision, tactics, tools and strategies you can use from speakers associated with the annual Mile High Chiro event.

Past guests include Liam Schubel, Donny Epstein, Arno Burnier, Marc Swerdlick, Kristen Kells, Mary Lucus Flannery and dozens more…

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A Message from Dr. Richelle! [PODCAST]

This week’s podcast is a special one. Listen to Dr. Richelle Knowles, well known as a chiropractor that you can rely on for compassionate and empathetic care at the Network Family Wellness Center in Boulder. Today’s podcast is a video

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Stephen Judson: Loving Life [PODCAST]

Dr. Stephen Judson and I have been on a very similar journey and path, and for that reason, This is one of the podcasts I love the most. He graduated from Life University in 1998 and discovered Chiropractic through and

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