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September 26 – 29, 2024 | Denver, Colorado


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  • Such a great seminar! Always makes me more fired up in my office the next week. Thank you Danny and Richelle for putting on such a great event!
    Alison Bremner
  • I just started my journey with Network Spinal Care. I learned a lot during Mile High.One thing in particular that I really enjoyed was the connection I felt with people I've never met. Everyone is so kind and share a common desire to see the world heal.
    Christina Wallwork
  • Mile High Chiropractic Movement never disappoints!!! I've been attending since I was a student and every year I have something new to take home. From the speakers to the vendors and even the fun themed after party there is never a dull moment. Mile High is for the Philosophical Chiropractor who wants the best for their practice members and community!!!
    Codi Osborne
  • What a powerful weekend of TIC talking! Loved the lineup of speakers,the community and the location.As a vendor, I was so warmly welcomed and helped to make sure I would have a great weekend - I appreciated them so much.
    Jenna Quentin