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Mile High Chiro

“Myself I can change my community but together we can change the world!”

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August 16-19 2018, Marriott Westminster Hotel, Denver, Colorado

ChiropracTIC with Altitude and Attitude


Providing a home for vitalistic chiropractic doctors, students, their teams, and their families dedicated to the principles of chiropractic.

Mile High is a Chiropractic philosophy group based in Colorado with a world wide vision to Elevate chiropracTic and ChiropracTORS to a new altitude. Mile High is focused on ChiropracTIC thrival through life changing focus, successful service and sharing the heart of chiropractic philosophy art and science. Our event is not only full of true chiropractic centered material but also up to 15 hours of continuing education.
It is time for ChiropracTORS to RISE UP!


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You say you want a Revolution

Well you know we all want to change the world. Yes! Keep me in the loop on Mile High Tic!


Interview with Jack Bourla,D.C.

Published on August 12, 2014
Discussing Vision and Chiropractic

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Thank You to Our Partners

As Mile High is one of the lead chiropractic events of the year our vendor space is very competitive and selective.





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Mile High

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