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Mile High 2017 (AKA #MH5) Highlight Reel


This is the must watch Mile High Highlight Reel. This will give you an inside look at what goes down when Chiropractors Rise up to a Mile High!

I have to tell you sincerely when I watch this it gave me chills. When you see your vision come to fruition and be supported by those who trust in you it fuels you to continue to raise the bar… Which is exactly what will be doing in 2018 for #MH6

An outstanding thank you to all the speakers who over delivered. When people Commit to Speaking at Mile High they know they have to bring their A game and best material. The attendees expect that. Mile high 2017 was a home run all around including raising upwards of $55,000 for the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation Research. We are grateful to be a force for good in chiropractic

want more mile high? Grab streaming access to all 5 past Years of Mile High and pull the trigger to commit and join us August 16-19, 2018

Details here
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See you on a higher ground!

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Mile High 2017 (AKA #MH5) Highlight Reel