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This chiropractic weekend is like no other. Incredible content and inspiration from the stage, plus heart-centered chiropractors and students in attendance. Mile High delivers!!!

Stephanie Harris

The complete package! Science Art and Philosophy with a group of people who truly LOVE chiropractic and the people working toward a health-FILLED humanity. The love in this room was heart-felt and genuine. Super group!

Brookh Lyons

So much inspiring, pratical, and applicable information packed into 3 days. There is no place better to reconnect with Chiropractic and Chiropractors to bring yourself and your practice to the next level of service and abundance. I will be there with my whole family and office staff every year!

Tad Schexnailder

The Mile High seminar this past weekend was by far the single Best Continuing Education Seminar I have ever attended in my life.
Sign up now for Mile High 7 next summer , and please remember to donate $50 to sponsor a Chiropractic Student’s attendance too. This seminar helped cement my Son Jason’s decision on becoming a Future Chiropractic Healer.

Mark Dulberg

This weekend has been one of the most important of my professional life. At the seminar #milehighchiropracticmovement2018, share with a group of colleagues with the same vision and mission of chiropractic. Wow. Many new things are by
Start. Here some of the photos
This weekend has been one of the most important in my professional life. Share time and space at the #MileHighChiropracticMovement2018 with Colleagues, their significant others and office staffs was beyond measure. WOWWW. Many new projects are about to start. Here are some of the pictures.
Dr. Kimberly Berkus, Dr Donny Epstein, Dr Alejandro Osuna, El Presidente Dr Edwin Cordero, his wife Debbie and Sr Fernando recruiting staff for Sherman, Dr Andres Juliá and Genesis, Dr Mark Dulberg and his son Jason, Dr Jenniffer Beck and her husband and son, Dr Michelle, Dr Robin Sherman-Rothstein, Drs Daniel Knowles and Richelle, Dr. Zeus, Dr Janice Hughes, Dr Liam Schubel, Dr Carly Letzt, Dr Josephene, her husband and kids,

Jose Salgado


Mile High Chiropractic was awesome

The Chiropractic was inspiring

The Connections were elevated

The motivation for creating a vision to spread this message of wellness through Chiropractic has me vibrating at a higher frequency

I could not be more grateful for this opportunity

This weekend will undoubtedly be looked back on as a defining moment in my life

#milehighchiro #Chiropractor #Connect #Chiropractic #Vision #Vibes

Slater Murphy

Mile High was an amazing weekend packed full of incredible information, connections, inspirations, and authenticity. It was a true joy to connect with so many brilliant, loving, and endlessly giving chiropractors!

Thank you to everyone who made Mile High the most extraordinary chiropractic conference I have ever attended!

Jason Dixon

Congratulations to you both Dr. Danny Knowles and Dr. Richelle Laurich Knowles. Bravo to your team as well. Given what your family has been through, to pull off this weekend with such a high degree of success says volumes about ALL of you. Many many thanks for the enormous contribution each of you make and the impact on so many lives.

Jay Komarek

There is so much to be said about an individual dealing with and overcoming adversity. How do they do it? What support do they have? What lessons were learned? Did it refine them or callus them? How exactly did they emerge? We are watching this all the time with others. I recently witnessed first hand my good friend and colleague within days of possibly losing his life, go through major heart surgery, deal with and manage this adversity and now the aftermath. Here is what I witnessed from him; gratitude, appreciation, deep love and support of family, extraordinary will, vision and here’s what really moved me, he knew he was destined to carry-on in service with his family, our profession and community. My friend Daniel Knowles, you are rock solid in my book. What a demonstration of courage and fortitude. Much love and appreciation for you good buddy. Onward and upward. (The photo is of Danny just before speaking at Milehighchiro this evening)

Jay Komarek

MIle High was amazing!!! It was a game changer for me! I consider myself principled, yet the level of depth of our TIC paradigm amplified within me…it ignited a fire that created more certainty, better communication, and a level of detachment as to what folks do with the information we teach. Deliver the message and stand back. I have had a huge flow of new people find me and Network Care without external marketing. Attracting folks to the practice from a clearer, more congruent, and “on fire” place within me. So much gratitude for the family that Mile High as created in our world

Lori Krauss