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    August 16-19, 2018, Marriott Hotel, Denver, Colorado

    Rave reviews

    Mile High 3 was the best ever. Looking forward to next year!

    Thank you for thinking of me and recognizing my life’s work during this important time in chiropractic history!

    We couldn’t have gotten through this year without the strength and support of my amazing Chiropractic teachers, colleagues, and mentors!

    Such an honor to be here at MH3

    Just want to say thank you to Danny for his very hard work and dedication to the principle. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have Mile High in my own backyard

    Just want to take a moment and thank everyone who was evolved in making Mile High 3 the magnificent event that it was! I had such an amazing experience and its all thanks to the wonderful people who put this together, and those who didn’t just show up but brought their best! I’m very lucky to have had this opportunity and exposure! Looking forward to the future impact and Mile High 4! Special thanks to those who donated to the student fund and took time out of their busy weekend to connect with the students, you inspire us to achieve greatness!

    Thank you Daniel and Richelle for putting together such a solid program for us at MH3. Guess Mile High will become my birthday weekend tradition!

    Us students cannot express in words how grateful we are to stand on the shoulders of giants in this profession. We are right there with you on this journey to support, grow, and take action upon guarding the sacred trust and serving humanity.

    What an amazing weekend!! So grateful for the experience, and many thanks to everyone who donated to the student travel fund. Such a blessing you’ve given us students

    Sunday morning was the most invaluable part of the weekend….Pam Jarboe and Mary Lucas Flannery rocked it!

    Coming off of Mile High Weekend, I just wanted to send a not of thanks for your commitment to chiropractic and bettering it’s servants. I appreciate your passion, enthusiasm, and positive attitude you bring with each event and meeting new colleagues (whether young or old, new or seasoned). Since moving to Colorado, I have felt very welcomed by many… and certainly the environment you’ve created contributes to that! I look forward to next year’s event… and the next time we meet. Thanks for all you do. To a goal who is fairly new to the principle – YOU ARE ROCKSTARS! =D Thanks again! In health

    Get there! You can never get enough of this!

    This event was by far the most ADIO event we have been to. The speakers brought their A game, the company was awesome and the tools we walked away with are eternal. See you next year!

    Great event and friendly folks

    Great work on a successful event! The energy was awesome!

    The women kept Mile High going strong to the very end yesterday!

    Wow, what an event! Thank you for taking the effort to put this on. I can only imagine the hours it took. Your passion and all you both do for chiropractic in this state is appreciated greatly. Thank you

    I just wanted to send you a note to say what a fantastic job you did with Mile High 3 this year.  I know it takes a lot of time, patience, love, and grit.  So THANK YOU!!!


    Also, I noticed a ton of Beastie Boys songs as the walk-up songs for the speakers.  The sound guy said you were the decision maker for that.  (Great decisions, btw.)  In the future, might I suggest “The Sounds of Science” from Paul’s Boutique for Dr. Kent, or another science-based speaker?


    Looking forward to MH4!

    Thank you so much for having me at the Mile high Event. It was powerful, inspirational and it is exactly what I needed to get my fire going. It touched upon so many aspects of practice and being that I want to improve on. The link up of speakers was fantastaic and I really enjoyed the camaraderie at the event. Thank you for including me. I’m so grateful and happy to help with any future events. Take care. Thank you.

    I am taking home and implementing so many things from Mile High 3. My biggest one ” DNA is not Destiny”. Thanks Doc, Keep fighting the fight!

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