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Rave Reviews

Many thanks and congratulations for such an outstanding weekend. I am thinking about all of the chiropractors who have a greater clarity this week because of what took place. The message was so crystal-clear and delivered by those who care so deeply for Chiropractic. None of this would’ve happened without the two of you and such devoted effort. Many blessings to you both and your family.

Jay Komarek

Thank you to Richelle and Daniel for an inspiring, heartfelt, content rich weekend of chiropractic.
It takes a huge vision, focused commitment, and tons of passion to create what you have.
I am appreciative that you have taken on the responsibility and leadership to fulfill this much needed program.

Scott Garber

Thanks to Danny Knowles and the Mile High crew for a great weekend of TIC talk and ChriopracTIC. What a great dedicated to the Principle group. Remember all it takes is Action on a Vision.

J.Alan Lovejoy

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Daniel Knowles and everyone who spoke at Mile High this weekend… the event changed my life! My heart and soul are embracing the philosophy and principles of chiropractic at a whole new level! Thank you so much!

Stephanie Harris

I really enjoyed working with both of you. Mile High Chiropractic has really grown since last year and I know that is due to your hard work. I’m happy to know it was a successful conference for you and your attendees.
I look forward to working together on 2015’s program and I look forward to seeing your throughout the year!

Karen Prazak

Once again, you and your staff did a great job on Mile High. Putting together a quality program of that magnitude is no small task. I can hardly wait until the next one.

Barbara Walters

MIle High was amazing!!! It was a game changer for me! I consider myself principled, yet the level of depth of our TIC paradigm amplified within me…it ignited a fire that created more certainty, better communication, and a level of detachment as to what folks do with the information we teach. Deliver the message and stand back. I have had a huge flow of new people find me and Network Care without external marketing. Attracting folks to the practice from a clearer, more congruent, and “on fire” place within me. So much gratitude for the family that Mile High as created in our world

Lori Krauss

There is so much to be said about an individual dealing with and overcoming adversity. How do they do it? What support do they have? What lessons were learned? Did it refine them or callus them? How exactly did they emerge? We are watching this all the time with others. I recently witnessed first hand my good friend and colleague within days of possibly losing his life, go through major heart surgery, deal with and manage this adversity and now the aftermath. Here is what I witnessed from him; gratitude, appreciation, deep love and support of family, extraordinary will, vision and here’s what really moved me, he knew he was destined to carry-on in service with his family, our profession and community. My friend Daniel Knowles, you are rock solid in my book. What a demonstration of courage and fortitude. Much love and appreciation for you good buddy. Onward and upward. (The photo is of Danny just before speaking at Milehighchiro this evening)

Jay Komarek