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Rave Reviews

At a screening of Dr Jay Komarek’s film Life, adjusted which shows the principle of chiropractic clearly in the story of a brutally abused horse everyone should see this film. Horses don’t know about the placebo effect! It has been a crazy busy day but so good to connect with chiropracTIC leaders like David Fletcher CEO of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA) and the president of New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Phil McMasters. As seen in the photo… Yes it’s a shocker I was sitting in the back row telling jokes, ok that’s not really a shocker but the fact that you can rub elbows with the leaders of worldwide principled chiropractic is so impressive. Gold,Arno, Schubel, Cohen, Cordero,Dill,Epstein and McCoy and that’s just the ones I talked to here on the first day. Seriously. You should come next year, let me know if you have any questions.
Man! What a great weekend here in Denver at Mile High Chiropractic seminar it was so good to here from leaders in the profession working to unite and bring actual subluxation based ChiropracTIC to the world. If you see this and you’re a chiropractor and not feeling fulfilled in your work or not proud of our profession come out and train with people who are. If you are not a Chiropractor you should be seeing one regularly.
Lastly thank you to the Knowles and their team for the blood sweat and tears not to mention financial burden that you took on to produce this awesome event. Much LOVE and RESPECT brother, keep building. #MH4

Christopher Jordan Jex

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift… When you have scarcity in your mindset, you lose the Vision & sacrifice the Gift.” ~ Dr Daniel Knowles
A HUGE thank you to Drs Daniel & Richelle Laurich Knowles & their fabulous team for hosting a top-notch Chiropractic event!
Thank you for NOT losing vision or sacrificing the Gift…it’s Alive & Well!
We Love & Appreciate y’all! See ya next year!


Let the journey begin. Pretty sure this is right up my alley. Thank Liam Schubel for the signed copies at #MH4 and thanks to Daniel Knowles for making that event great!

Kevin Hung

I cannot thank Daniel Knowles enough for putting on the Mile High chiropractic seminar and for fueling the movement he has. It was a fantastic, informative weekend and I got to see a lot of familiar faces and was fortunate enough to meet some new ones. Anyone who wasn’t there this year MUST go next year. And I’m not one who says that lightly.#MileHighChiro

Dr. Craig Burns

As we bring Mile High 3 weekend to a close… a special “Thank You!” toDaniel Knowles and Richelle Laurich Knowles for all of their hard work putting together another great seminar. See you next year at Mile High 4!#MH3


Thank you Richelle and Daniel Knowles for an exceptional weekend. The message was loud and clear. Let’s keep chiropractic unadulterated and pure. Looking forward to MH IV.

Karlos B

Thank you Daniel Knowles and Richelle Laurich Knowles for putting on Mile High. What a treat to be able to listen to such high caliber speakers in our very own awesome Colorado backyard. Thank you for all you do and nudging us to step it up. We are so on board! Can’t wait to be there next year.

Petra Sullwold

What an amazing Mile High Weekend! Thank you to Daniel Knowles his beautiful wife Richelle for hosting this event and for the amazing donation of over 12,000.00 to our school Sherman ChiropracTIC College!! Your love and support to the Principle and the Future of the true Legacy of Chiropractic is an inspiration to us all. We so love and appreciate your dedication, friendship and love!

Randi Cohen

Heck of a weekend at #milehighchiro 2014! So thankful for all these guys and gals doing huge things for chiropractic! Especially grateful for my great friends and mentors Michael-Tara Viscarelli and Jeremy-Amanda Hess .. You guys rocked this weekend! As students we are standing on the shoulders of giants no doubt. Can’t wait to join up with everyone in only a few short months.. Coming soon..


Back home in Minneapolis with my hubby. Recharged from great weekend and feeling proud to be a Chiropractor

Kim Berkhus