"What we do in life echoes in eternity." - Marcus Aurelius

We must inspire chiropractic’s future. If humanity is going to have chiropractic as a healing art, named as such, it depends on what we do now. Mile High is based upon the foundational values of our philosophy, and looking towards the future by growing a new breed. This is why I really enjoyed catching up with Jacob Sims in this podcast, and I know you will too. Mile High registration rises up. Join us August 17th to 20th, 2017 at www.milehighchiro.org/pre-register

Jacob Sims has been in practice for 10 years, has two practices running in Montrose, Colorado, and his wife is a second generation chiropractor. In this episode we discuss leadership in chiropractic from within your practice and outside your practice. Strategies and tips for maintaining positive thinking inside and outside of the office.

And, most importantly, discussing helping people get the message of chiropractic. Some keys that you will like from the episode are how important it is to stay service oriented, help people with excellence, and that chiropractic is enough, no need to add anything more.

We are Grateful that Jacob Sims is along to fight the good fight, and give his best to his patients, his practice members, as well as the community of our profession to help how TIC looks in the future.

See him at Mile High in 2017! Read his full bio here.

"Keep everlasting on top of details for that is what makes or break an organization. Be kind but stern. Be firm but thoughtful. Principles are important but so are people." - BJ Palmer

Question of the day: "How important is research in chiropractic?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • What does leadership in chiropractic mean to you?
  • How do you maintain positive thinking?
  • How do you get people to understand the message of chiropractic?
  • What advice would you give to chiropractors or chiropractic students?

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