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[Podcast] Avoiding Burnout and Optimizing Your Impact with Danielle Eaton

Dr. Danielle Eaton and I share a very common quote that’s one of our favorites: “Never sacrifice what matters most for what matters least.”

This is one of the areas with which chiropractors so often struggle in their practices. They have overwhelming burnout from doing all the things relative to taking care of a business and making a business grow, and they forget taking care of themselves and forget that they’re the number one asset to protect in their businesses. They also forget to put their families first.  The best thing they can do to stay true their focus on optimal wellness is to make themselves the first clients and take care of their own optimal wellness.

When she found out she was pregnant with her second child, Dr. Danielle knew something needed to change in her business fast. She was already working 12 and 14-hour days, carrying her phone with her everywhere, so she’d never miss a patient call.  Meanwhile she was missing out on her first daughter’s precious early moments.

She began researching how to keep her business growing as a new mom.  Resources for women chiropractors in her position were limited…to zero. Every strategy, program and resource out there seemed to have been put together for people other than her.

She needed to be able to get the ball rolling without taking on more debt to make it happen.

So, she built a way herself.  She dug into the art and science of modern marketing and running a business in the twenty-first century with the power of tools her potential clients were using every day—the internet, social media, and more.  No one out there was applying these amazing resources to hands-on practitioners’ work.

She tried and erred and learned and grew, and now she teaches hands-on practitioners all across the country how to build sustainable businesses that don’t require being on-call 24/7.

On this podcast you’ll learn:

  • The top three reasons so many chiropractors struggle with overwhelming burnout
  • Three strategies for avoiding burnout
  • Tips and advice for chiropractors who have families and want to have children in the future
  • Mistakes docs are making in marketing their practices that stop them for helping more people
  • Burnout, sustainability, practice, and marketing, so you focus on your best clients

Enjoy this episode with Dr. Danielle Eaton and tune in to learn more about her at the following links!

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[Podcast] Avoiding Burnout and Optimizing Your Impact with Danielle Eaton