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Teach the children….

Teach the children…. “You have a Strong body, you have a healthy body, my body knows how to heal you”
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“Children are very impressionable. Peter and I knew this and. When we had our before we had our children. We had conversations about how we would be around them. How we would bring them up? How we would talk to them what we would infuse in them and planted them with our words and our actions and something that we did from early on from the moment they were born we would whisper you have a strong body, you have a healthy body, your body knows how to heal you, you have a strong body, you have a healthy body, the life inside you knows how to heal you. And we imprinted that in our children so abundantly that when Christopher our son was 2 years old we moved into our new home office. And I was standing on one side of the dining room and the stairs going up to the second floor where there and I saw Christopher standing up at the top step and I saw him go like this. And I stopped breathing and I watched him go flying down the stairs. And he landed on the bottom and I went running up to him I picked him up. I sat and he’s crying I said Christopher its going to be okay mommy’s here and Christopher said that’s okay mommy my body will heal me. If you learn nothing else from my talk, take that use that is to take away for the kids in your practice it is so important for them to hear that because they are not hearing that from anyone else including their parents unless you train their parents to do that. Not only for kids but think about us it’s really important for us to do that for us. That we don’t say, Oh I’m sick, I’m hurting, an adjustment is gonna fix me. I never wanted our children to think that an adjustment was something you did to fix anything or to heal anything that would be contradicted caving to what I taught them about you have a smart body, you have a healthy body and your body knows how to heal you. It does and then we top them all the things they needed to do to take care of their body. And that’s exactly what we do in our practice.” – Patti Guiliano
See you on a higher ground!

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Teach the children….