"I am he as your are he as your are me and we are all together." - John Lennon

As a kid one of my favorite rides at Disney was "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". I loved how it twisted and turned at a high speed. I would like you to fasten your seatbelts for a wild ride with one of our colleagues who I sincerely appreciate deeply for what he brings to the chiropractic consciousness. In this interview with Dr. Zail Khalsa we go on a journey discussing the full range of chiropractic philosophy. From DD Palmer through BJ, William Harper, Bill Bahan, Donald Epstein as well as the connection between structural and tonal spinal analysis models..

Investigating the description of consciousness plays in relation to chiropractic, the duality of existence and the essence of chiropractic philosophy. This is a deep thought edition from a fan of the mile high movement weekend. I am certain it will get your philosophical wheels spinning and inspire you to think more deeply and read more about a variety of philosophical constructs.

You can find Tristan’s bio here.

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Dr. Khalsa is very well read individual in terms of chiropractic philosophy as well as philosophy as a whole and this episode will give you a glimpse of an expanded vision and thought process relative to chiropractic.

I recommend you make a little bit of bulletproof coffee or tea to get your brain centered and firing and enjoy!

Question of the day:Why is it important to be in financial exchange for the service you deliver" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions asked:

  • Where did you come from?
  • What did Silicon Valley teach you about chiropractic?
  • What is Chiro Sushi?

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