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Alok Trivedi

The Seer, The Seeing, And The Seen Are The Same.

Way too frequently chiropractors do not reach the level of success and impact that their calling could provide. In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Alok Trivedi, president of Aligned Performance Institute and author of Chasing Success and Aligned Mastery. He shares some awesome thoughts about having more abundance and abundant consciousness! Some myths get busted in this episode! If you listen, you’ll gain great benefit!!

When you get to know and work with Dr. Alok Trivedi, you benefit from custom solutions and organizational development. Like me, you’ll be inspired to grow and focus on your higher initiatives.

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Question of the day:Why is it important to be in financial exchange for the service you deliver" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions asked:

  • Why don’t we as a profession have more successful doctors?
  • Where do chiropractors fall short in practice?
  • How do we go beyond rah rah personal development?
  • How does one develop money consciousness?

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