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Alok Trivedi
Your soul is rooting for you.” – Danielle Laporte

This episode travels across The Pond to connect with United Chiropractic Association executive advisor and events coordinator, Melissa Sandford.

In the history of chiropractic profession, there have been a chosen few who are not chiropractors, do not have chiropractic degree and yet make chiropractic their lives. Melissa Sandford is one of them. She’s currently acting as executive director for the UCA. One of the things about Melissa is how committed she is to the vision of chiropractic. Her son is on the way to a chiropractic college. Her soul is deeply in rooted in Chiropractic, and she is spreading it to new generation.

What you’ll hear on this podcast episode:
• The reasons for lack of success in chiropractic
• The effect of low self-esteem
• Lack of belief in chiropractic
• The danger of relying on chiropractic systems that don’t align with your core values
• What chiropractors need to snap out of

The intention for this episode is to have you seek out your core values, align within and stop living in fear. When you do that, you can help your practice members stop living in fear as well. You can give more, serve more and have more people on more tables more often.

You can learn from more than a score of tremendous presenters like Melissa at Mile High 2018 in Denver, August 16th – 19th. It’s the vitalistic chiropractic focus event of the year in the center of the US. If you haven’t registered yourself and your team for Mile High, do it now, save some money and ensure that you’ll be able to get seats for the event. You can register right now at

Looking forward to seeing you a Mile High in August!

Question of the day:Why is it important to be in financial exchange for the service you deliver" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions asked:

  • How does someone who is not a chiropractor get to make chiropractic part of their life and be an influencer in the chiropractic profession?
  • Where did you get your start at chiropractic?
  • Tell us a little bit about What is going on in chiropractic in the UK?
  • What gets in the way of success in practice?
  • What are some of the things that UCA is doing that you are excited about?
  • >

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