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To Lead Walk Behind Them

This is my favorite MILE HIGH speaker of all time Richelle Knowles! I am sure you will enjoy this clip of her discussing servant leadership. When you are caring for people in your office and serving your community you are displaying leadership characteristics and traits. What kind of leadership model do you want to use to represent yourself to your community? Join us at the chiropractic event with the highest altitude August 17-20

In this video clip she discusses the servant leadership model focused on leading others Through serving. The transactional leadership model based on systems of reinforcement and punishment which is commonly used in healthcare. The adaptive leadership model where in which someone overcomes challenges created by change. The transformational leadership model will your inspiring others to look past their own self interests.

Enjoy watching this and considering how you and your team lead your practice members in your community. Gain full VIP access to all of this year’s Mile High recordings here:

See you on a higher ground!

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To Lead Walk Behind Them