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Matthew McCoy: Mile High Vision Award [Podcast]

Matthew McCoy: Mile High Vision Award [Podcast]

Mile High most certainly rose higher this year. There was increased attendance, increased impact and there were more rave reviews than have ever been received in the past.  The brand new Mile High Chiropractic Foundation raised at least $30,000 to invest in promoting the future of true Chiropractic.   

Matthew McCoy was honored for his contribution to Chiropractic with the Mile High Vision Award. As a gift to you, please enjoy this recording of Matthew’s presentation from the 2019 Mile High Subluxation Science Summit.   This information, relative to the evidence and research focused on subluxation and the adjustment, is vital.

Enjoy it, learn from it and share it with as many of your colleagues possible.

Listen to the podcast:

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Download as MP3 by Right clicking here and choosing “save as”

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Currently, Mile High 2020 Vision registration is available only to this year’s Mile High attendees and members of The LWP Inner Circle. If you are part of either of those groups, check your email for information about early registration, and reserve your seats now while you can enjoy massive savings. Do it right after you enjoy this vital content from Matthew McCoy!

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Matthew McCoy: Mile High Vision Award [Podcast]