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Scott Garber: All The Ships Rise Together

Scott Garber: All The Ships Rise Together [PODCAST]

“All The Ships Rise Together”
Scott Garber

Scott Garber is a true servant to the Chiropractic profession, who is often referred to as the “ORACLE OF THE BERKSHIRES”.

The founder of the Berkshire Experience, now going to into its 10th year, discusses his DRIVE and his WHY for putting together one of the most revered events in Chiropractic. The need for anchors in the world of the Chiropractic Philosophy, Art and Science is vital now more than ever. The chiropractic world must serve as a home and for practitioners, teams and students all around the world. The Berkshires Experience is coming up the weekend of March 21st – 23rd in Massachusetts.

You would do well to get there with your team, to have a homecoming and connect with the influencers, colleagues, exhibitors and vendors, who can help fuel you in 2019.

Listen to the podcast:

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In this podcast, Scott talks about the vital impact the IFCO that has as the only international organization that focuses on subluxation and adjustment. This year, the Berkshire is raising funds on awareness for the IFCO factors in organizations.

Clear your calendar and get to the Berkshires next month! You can register now at

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Scott Garber: All The Ships Rise Together