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[Podcast] Systems to Create the Winning Edge Dr. Tory Robson

Some people are motivated, and others are not.  Dr. Tory Robson a motivated chiropractor, who is motivating many others to experience a life on purpose and the ultimate chiropractic success map.

His drive and passion is contagious.

Dr. Tory Robson D.C. graduated in ’95 from Northwestern after getting his BS from Montane State, while serving a 6-year term in the Air Force.

After major practice success, he finally gave in to D.C. demands and started teaching his methods. He has authored 4 books, and his Ultimate Chiro Success Guide is considered the most popular book in Chiropractic today with over 8,000 going out in the last year. He has spoken all over the globe, created 34 audio sets, and recorded a library of 700 videos on all elements of practice excellence. He teaches 13 events a year and has over 3,000 calls with chiropractors annually.

He runs his Winners Edge Chiropractic Consulting and Pro Spine Health and Injury Center in an 11,200 square foot clinic, fitness, and MMA center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

On this podcast, you’ll discover:

  • The five keys to having a record year
  • Why so few DCs end up with no money after years of service
  • How to make sure you build your practice successfully
  • And MUCH more!

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This episode will help you focus on the real secrets to practice growth and freedom in practice! Enjoy!!

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[Podcast] Systems to Create the Winning Edge Dr. Tory Robson