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[Podcast] Gathering with the ICPA for Kids and Chiropractic – Dr. Ian Shtulman

Dr. Ian’s favorite quote is: “It is our responsibilities, not ourselves, we should take seriously.” Peter Ustinov.  Discussing Chiropractic philosophy and prenatal and pediatric Chiropractic is something that is always energizing when discussing it with Ian Shtulman.  Frequently, when I travel and talk to other chiropractors, they tell me how highly they think of Ian Shtulman.

He’s a second-generation chiropractor practicing in Palm Beach County, Florida.  He’s a Life University graduate who received a philosophy distinction award.  Dr Shtulman is well-known for teaching pediatrics.  He’s a diplomate in the pediatrics program and is on the faculty of the ICPA.  Dr. Ian is passionate about fostering relationships with medical professionals about the importance of children, infants, families, and everyone receiving quality chiropractic care focused on the location, analysis, and adjustment of subluxation. He’s been a breakout session and main-stage presenter at Mile High the past two years.

On this podcast, you’ll hear more about:


  • Communication in family wellness practice
  • The importance of Chiropractic philosophy
  • Building relationships with other providers
  • Supporting the next generation of chiropractors
  • And Much More!


You can find out more about Dr. Ian and IPCA at  ICPA is having a gathering the weekend of August 19th & 20th.  You can find more information and register at


Enjoy expanding your horizons by bringing more kids into Chiropractic and changing a generation!


Be sure to mark your calendar for Mile High 2023, September 21st – 24th, 2023 in Denver.




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[Podcast] Gathering with the ICPA for Kids and Chiropractic – Dr. Ian Shtulman