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[Podcast] Go Further, Faster – Dr. Michael Viscarelli

This quote sums up the philosophy of today’s guest on the Mile High Podcast: “Great things in business are never done by one person.  They’re done by a team of people.”  –  Steve Jobs

You’d be hard-pressed to find a chiropractor who draws a line in the sand relative to the chiropractic principle as definitively as Michael Viscarelli. He opened up private practice in 2012 in Golden, Colorado, grew to 300 visits a week within a month, and increased to 1,200 visits a week within his first year. He built a seven-figure practice in one year.

Dr. Michael and Tara Viscarelli, founders of ADIO Chiropractic, believe in contributing to the overall health and quality of life of each of their practice members. They believe that health is our number one asset and that nothing about the body is an accident. He’s been restoring lives one adjustment at a time in the Golden, Colorado, area. He’s been showing his practice members that they can stop “just coping” with life and start living it.

Now, he wants to show YOU how you can make a profound impact on the lives of YOUR practice members.  Michael co-founded Amped and supports as a member of the IFCO. He’s donated to many chiropractic schools and has mentored nearly 1,000 offices that have opened across America. When there is a renaissance for the principle, you’ll know that Michael Viscarelli is one of those who sparks it.  You can find out more about Michael at

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Michael chose the Chiropractic profession
  • What fuels his energy
  • Why serving the principle is his focus
  • How he loves seeing docs go further, faster
  • And MUCH more!

Enjoy this content-rich episode with Dr. Michael. He’s a big part of why Colorado is a hub to the Chiropractic principles. Be sure to visit the hub in September 2023 at Mile-High 11. Keep changing spines, and lives, and minds with Chiropractic!





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[Podcast] Go Further, Faster – Dr. Michael Viscarelli