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[Podcast] Leading Innovation In Chiropractic Assessments – Dr. David Fletcher

Organization, patterns, intelligence, and tone are the vital foundational aspects of Chiropractic philosophy, science, and art. It’s always a treat talking to David Fletcher about the nerve system and objective outcome assessments.


He’s the president and CEO of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and a renowned chiropractor, who practiced in Toronto for many years. He and his associates had a thriving, cash-based family practice that served hundreds of patients weekly.


For three decades, the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance has impacted thousands of practices and millions of patients. David has worked alongside Christopher Tent and Patrick Sentempo for decades now. They are a team of chiropractic experts dedicated to creating technologies for chiropractors to measure and communicate results with certainty. Chiropractic care is a partnership that demands great communication for amazing outcomes. The INSiGHT technologies bridge the gap between symptom care and ongoing care, allowing doctors and their patients to experience measurable growth.

As the owner of CLA, David oversees the clinical, technological and practice development strategies while mapping a future vision for both CLA and the chiropractic profession.  CLA’s mission is that every chiropractic office has INSiGHT™ technology at the hub of their practice to create a standard of care for chiropractors to measure and communicate their results with certainty.

We’ve seen the Chiropractic profession slowly trek further and further away from the foundational principles and values toward allopathy and medicine.  A big why for David Fletcher and CLA is protecting the values of tech and giving people resources and tools, so they can move away from allopathy and toward Chiropractic. The culture through the past two years has actually reveled in illness behavior. Masks, vaccines, keeping six feet away from others became the norm.


On the other hand, chiropractors are the voice of trust. Trust life, trust your body, your body is why you have the capacity to heal. You can close the gap between your body being at less than is optimal and being at its optimal expression.


On this episode of The Mile High Podcast, you’ll be looking deeper inside and gaining insight into the nerve system with David.  Enjoy the interview and be sure to mark your calendar for Mile High 11, September 21st – 24th, 2023.



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[Podcast] Leading Innovation In Chiropractic Assessments – Dr. David Fletcher