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Heidi Farrell: Creating Outstanding Team Members

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A short pencils better than a long memory
– Heidi Farrell

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Super team trainer Heidi Farrell has been working with chiropractic teams for 20 years and is returning to mile high in 2016! I truly enjoyed the opportunity to interview her on this episode and I know you will too. Teams are so vital to the success of chiropractic offices, as well as of course any business, and they are often the weakest area. Not because of the team members but because of the doctors inability to develop a team. Just because your a great chiropractor and can communicate chiropractic doesn’t mean that you can inspire a team or develop talent. Enjoy and learn in this episode with Heidi who has who is the head coach at Chiro advanced services.Read her bio here

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Training never ends!
– Anthony Robbins

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Question of the day: “What are your favorite ways to build a team?” Please let me know in the comments.

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Scroll below for links and show notes…

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Questions I ask:

  • What is your personal background of getting into or being connected into chiropractic?
  • What are some of the characteristics of an outstanding chiropractic team member?
  • What makes a successful team?
  • How do you cultivate a successful team that creates results together and keep winning?
  • What are the best strategies today to grow in practice both inside and outside?
  • What are some resources whether it be a book or something that is a great for a person to start to learn how to build a great team?
  • What are some simple referral systems that you are teaching people to master?
  • How do you train and keep the consistency in what people engage in doing an what you want them to do?
  • Is accountability important?
  • What are some of your rituals you think or value and also what are good rituals for CA and team members to have?
  • Is it important for CA’s do things along those lines too?

In this episode you will learn:

  • Keys to the hiring process
  • How to break down responsibilities and delegation
  • Building a superstar team
  • The importance of family exams and classes
  • Resources for building your team
  • Internal referral systems
  • The importance of accountability tools
  • Why, “What you do first thing in the morning and last thing at night is important”

Team meeting & Huddle tools samples:

Selected Links from the Episode:

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Heidi Farrell: Creating Outstanding Team Members