"We must make chiropractic center stage in our practice "
- Joe Borio

Grateful that Dr. Joe Borio will be returning to mile high this year for a second time. He is one of my favorite people in chiropractic to learn from both one-on-one as well as on stage. Having achieved a level of practice and professional success that many people only dream of while being truly authentic and always there to help a fellow chiropractor. A graduate of national who is grateful to have connected to the chiropractic philosophical principles through Reggie Gold.

Enjoy this interview where we uncover many of his personal strategies for personal and professional life. Joe Borio also serves on the Board of Trustees of Sherman College and the IFCO. Read his bio here

"The best adjustment you can give anyone is above the Atlas"
- Joe Borio

Question of the day: "What are your rituals that help you with your headspace each day?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I ask:

  • Do you remember or know of Dr. DiGiacomo?
  • What was your introduction to chiropractic?
  • How did you end up deciding to go to chiropractic school?
  • What difference does having a solid grasp of chiropractic philosophical perspective make in a practice?
  • I am sure you have seen there were people in all your years in consulting or just colleagues where they get just a touch of philosophy that they they just take off
  • What are resources today that you tell people are the top 1 or 2 things to grab?
  • What are some key rituals that are important for you?
  • Who have been some of the most powerful mentors for you outside chiropractic and as well as within
  • What are some favorite books that you recommend people to read whether it be chiropractic or non-chiropractic for their own growth
  • Why do you think the IFCO is important

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why we must make chiropractic center stage in our practice?
  • The 3-D printer analogy
  • People are often more of a chiropractor when they start chiropractic school then when they come out
  • How you can do your own sabbatical?
  • Rituals for success
  • The importance of journaling
  • Why training is important?
  • Why progress makes us happy?
  • The impact of visiting the office of other chiropractors
  • Why the IFCO is important and the future of chiropractic?

Selected Links from the Episode:

People Mentioned on the Podcast:

  • Dr. DiGiacomo
  • Dr. Thesier
  • Dr. Kent
  • Dr. Jim Winterstein
  • Brian Koslow
  • Bill Esteb
  • Reggie Gold
  • Jim Sigafoose
  • B.J. Palmer
  • Chris Zaino
  • Bob Schiffman
  • CJ Mertz
  • Fred Scofield
  • B.J. Palmer
  • D.D. Palmer
  • John Madeira

People Mentioned on the Podcast:

Favorite Quotes:

  • "The future of chiropractic is in our hands and it is a huge responsibility" - Joe Borio
  • "You did not become a chiropractor on your own; you did not learn chiropractic on your own you relied on other people that new a lot.
  • Why don’t you go and rely on somebody who knows how to run a practice well"- Joe Borio's Father
  • “Success find meaning having an impact” - Steve jobs
  • “Don’t wish for things to be easier wish for them. to be better” – Jim Rohn
  • "It’s not things that make us happy, its progress that makes us happy" - Joe Borio

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