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David Fletcher: Taking action where action is needed

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence thus is not an act but a habit
– Aristotle

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On this podcast we dig deep with David Fletcher on instrumentation. I personally love learning about instrumentation and discussing spinal analysis protocols for monitoring the nerve system. For those who have an interest in objective instrumentation analysis of spinal and neural integrity associated with subluxation this will be a favorite podcast. Also for those who are newbies to instrumentation this episode will certainly be an incredible launching point for learning more about instrumentation tools and subluxation.Read his full bio here

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If we are going to make a global impact on health care and the world the time is now. We are the transitional generation. As of now CLA has a collection of approximately 750,000 spinal scan readings from around the world that can be used for research and for following nerve system scan trends. David Fletcher feels focusing on the nerve system is the savior of chiropractic. Listen to this episode to find out why. See more David Fletcher at #MH4 August 18th – 21st

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You get paid to the level you operate and communicate with certainty
– David Fletcher

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Question of the day: “If you could do anything in chiropractic and new you wouldn’t fail what would you do?” Please let me know in the comments.

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Scroll below for links and show notes…

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In this episode you will learn:

  • How vital instrumentation is to spinal analysis
  • The roots of thermography in chiropractic
  • Instrumentation then and now
  • A novel tonal interpretation of thermal readings
  • How to advance chiropractic within chiropractic
  • How to monitor a patient shifting from discord to organization
  • How you can get involved with case study research
  • The Principle of Neuroplasticity
  • How to see yourself as a trusted guide for a patients healing
  • Coherence and brain-based chiropractic
  • Technology as the essential interface
  • Taking ourselves seriously

Question I asked:

  • How did you transition form a huge practice to running CLA?
  • What BJ Palmer research about instrumentation interested you?
  • what are the guiding principles or values of CLA?
  • What kind of research could be done with the data you are collecting?
  • Why do you say that “The nerve system is the savior of chiropractic”?
  • Can you share about coherence in brain based chiropractic?
  • Why attending Mile High is critical?

People Mentioned:

  • Reggie Gold
  • Donald Epstein
  • BJ Palmer
  • Patrick Gentempo
  • Heidi Haavik
  • Tony Robbins

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David Fletcher: Taking action where action is needed