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Lacey Book: Bringing the principles, philosophy and art worldwide

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A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there
– Lacey Book

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Get to know the phenomenal Lacey Book better! Join us on this journey into the life of Lacey Book beginning with how chiropractic found her all the way to traveling the world to bring chiropractic to new cultures. Dr. Book’s enthusiasm for chiropractic and particularly upper cervical work shines through this interview. She has been traveling all over the country and the world helping more people through chiropractic including doctors, students and patients. Read her full bio here

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We discuss only adjusting 2 segments, when and when no to adjust as well as pattern work through thermography. However we not only discuss Chiropracitic we also talk about vital business principles. Ranging from shifting your consciousness from technician to entrepreneur as we’ll as getting more efficient with your marketing by focusing on your target audience and much more.

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Her schedule event schedule for 2016 is quite full including the Berkshires philosophy weekend, TATS events, speaking at one of our lifetime wellness programs in Atlanta and as well as of course Mile High plus her upcoming wedding to Shawn Dill.

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It is important for us as chiropractors to realize that there are multiple hats to wear when we are in practice.
– Lacey Book

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Question of the day: “What objective indicators do you like to use for the assessment of spinal subluxations?” Please let me know in the comments.

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Scroll below for links and show notes…

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In this episode you will learn:

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  • The importance of listening for your calling
  • Resources to learn more about upper cervical work
  • Introduction to deeper upper cervical neurology understanding
  • Comparisons of traffic patterns between California, New York, El Salvador and the upper cervical spine
  • Communicating why the person would not get an adjustment during their visit
  • The importance of thinking beyond the 4 walls of your office
  • The importance of building a philosophical foundation
  • What are the key chiropractic events left in 2016 where you can connect with Lacey Book

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Questions I asked:

  • You do this incredible mission trip to El Salvador, What are you doing there and why?
  • Tells us about your experience working with different chiropractic office before you become a chiropractor.
  • What was it like going from working to a chiropractic office to going to chiropractic school?
  • When did you discover upper cervical work?
  • What books or things you would recommend as resources to start learning about upper cervical spine?
  • What are your favorite things about the Neurology and upper cervical spine that you think are fascinating?
  • How do you help understand the importance of upper cervical spine?
  • Can you share some things about Thermography?
  • Are there any interesting thing that you want to share from BJ Palmer’s work?
  • Can people be successful practicing upper cervical and only adjusting 2 vertebrae?
  • What are some business book or resources that you recommend to people?
  • What are some of the daily rituals that you utilize to help you play in a bigger level?
  • Any final thoughts you want share towards excellence or mastery or being the best chiropractor or person one can be?

Books Mentioned:

People Mentioned:

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Lacey Book: Bringing the principles, philosophy and art worldwide