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[Podcast] Staffless – Dr. Jodi Dinnerman



Dr. Jodi Dinnerman is the very special guest on this episode of The Mile High Podcast.  She has been on this podcast in the past, and she has attended Mile High four times. At Mile High XI – ONE LOUDER, she’ll be one of the awesome presenters on the success panel.

Dr. Jodi keeps moving, and wherever she moves, she makes great stuff happen.  From California and New Jersey, she moved to Sherman College to study Chiropractic, and now she’s practicing and reinventing people running a practice without a staff.


In addition to running a practice, Dr. Jody also runs a business called Staffless Practice. She’s written a terrific book titled Staffless Front Desk Solution For Solo Practitioners.  In addition, she hosts a TV show, The Practice Joy Show, where I was invited to appear to talk mentoring. You can find more information about Dr. Jodi at is


She’s a long-time friend and she’s passionate about chiropractors having practices where service, abundance, and true wellness are available for the giver and the given.


On this podcast, you’ll learn more about Chiropractic practice from Dr. Jodi, who’s an avid Chiropractic philosophy fan, and has a soul centered on service.


•    Ideas about running a staff-less practice
•    The importance of authentic service in your practice
•    How Jodi thrives in her super-busy life
•    About Jodi’s favorite quote, “How you do anything is how you do everything
•    And MUCH more!

Learn from Dr. Jodi in this podcast, and then learn more at Mile High XI – ONE LOUDER in Denver, September 21st – 24th. If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to get seats for yourself and your team before they’re all gone. You can reserve them today at


Looking forward to seeing you in Denver in just a few weeks!


P.S. Reserve your seats for yourself and your team at Remember to check out the VIP seats.


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[Podcast] Staffless – Dr. Jodi Dinnerman