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[Podcast] Social Media Education, Inspiration, and Entertainment – Jenna Quentin



It’s always inspiring when people receive such a gift through chiropractic care that they decide to go to Chiropractic school. It’s also inspiring when people are so impacted by the ideal message of health for the world that they center their businesses around it. Jenna Quentin believes in the power of sharing stories, the natural power of body, and the power of community.

Focusing on Chiropractic wasn’t what Jenna envisioned when she started her writing career in 2007. Then, Chiropractic helped her after a traumatic birth to be able to lift her child, sneeze, and live without pain. It helped her run a half-marathon. It helped her child through Sensory Processing Disorder and primitive reflex integration. It supports her husband in his active career.


That’s why Jenna is passionate about helping chiropractors thrive in this new world where the online space is more vital than ever. She founded Adjust Your Media, a digital agency, where she provides content creation and social media management to chiropractors who need to delegate and automate! She also coaches chiropractors and their teams, who are ready to take their in-house social media/content to the next level to engage and educate. Her heart for chiropractic has grown from personal experience, seeing the return of life and function to her and her loved ones! This is the niche she focuses on exclusively at Adjust Your Media.


You can find more about Jenna and the services she provides for chiropractors at


On this podcast, you’ll learn:

✅     Why chiropractors  should delegate their social media to a third party…or not
✅     Why to have your CA do your social media…or not
✅     What the real ROI of posting organically on Instagram, etc. is
✅     Toxic social media versus connections
✅     And MUCH more!

Jenna will be one of the exhibitors at Mile High XI in Denver, September 21st – 24th.  Be sure you stop by and talk with her.  You’ll definitely be as impressed with her as I am!

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[Podcast] Social Media Education, Inspiration, and Entertainment – Jenna Quentin