"Have a conviction stronger that you desire to please." - Shawn Dill

Three vital areas of chiropractic care in which we need to be strong are philosophy, science, and art. And there’s a fourth, often neglected, area in which greater strength is needed: business! There are very few chiropractors who are well grounded in all four areas. One chiropractor who has truly mastered all four areas is Dr. Shawn Dill.

Shawn serves the profession through the IFCO board of directors, the Sherman College Board of Trustees and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. He operates the Specific Centers and the Black Diamond Club, no small feat. Anyone who delivers all that can certainly navigate a team toward higher ground.

Dive into this episode of the Mile High podcast! It’s chock-full of important philosophical technique, business, and science tips. Dr. Shawn Dill will be a presenter at Mile High 2017 in Denver, August 17th-20th, and his wife, Lacey Book, will be doing one of the breakout sessions. Looking forward to seeing you at Mile High in just a few weeks!

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"We need to step out of our box and we need to learn to market to those people who are not currently under chiropractic care." - Shawn Dill

Question of the day: "Are you concerned about healthcare freedoms being taken away?" Please let me know in the comments.

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