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[Podcast] Your Phone: The Key to More People on Your Tables – Zack Beimes

One month we actually had a $30,000 office dip in collections because we didn’t realize our phone wasn’t being answered.  Yes, true story.

Zach Beimes, the CEO and co-founder of YesTrak is the very special guest on this episode of The Mile High Podcast.  Zach has seen the full gamut from loss of revenue, loss of impact from people not answering the phones properly, and successes and record breaking growth people answer the phones effectively. That’s why Zach invented the brilliant solution to the phone answering challenge.

Zach is a father, son, entrepreneur, patented inventor, problem solver, technologist, humanist, and mountain climber.

He’s an SaaS, development, operations, and marketing executive with international experience and Spanish language skills. record of success delivering exits as a founder, investor’s representative, and executive manager brought on to drive scale.  He’s built and managed businesses in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

YesTrak is a remote solution, with patented technology, for small businesses like yours.  You convert your phone calls into people on the table in your office.  When was last time you wanted to listen to a voicemail or even wanted to leave a voicemail?  Having a real person answer your phone is vital to your impact.  The truth is that doctors everywhere are losing money because of using voicemail and not considering the lifetime value of a practice member.  Another challenge of voicemail answering is the human element.  Consider the risk of malpractice from not getting to the phone on time.


In this service age, business goes to the person who provides human contact.

Listen to this podcast to learn the ins and outs of providing a real human being to answer your phone in your office.  Then check YesTrak at and use code LWP50 to have a test drive of the YesTrak system.  Have a real, live person answer the phone when you’re out of the office.  When you see the difference it makes, you’ll never go back to voicemail!  And you’ll have more people on more tables more often!

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[Podcast] Your Phone: The Key to More People on Your Tables – Zack Beimes