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[Podcast] Nonrefundable Minutes – Jim Chester

There are only a handful of people who have been to every Mile High Chiropractic Movement Weekend.  Jim Chester is someone who has been at all 10 of them and is anticipating being at number 11 in September.  He was at the first Mile High Weekend and swears he collected the content for his first movie there.

Born in Davenport, Iowa, the birthplace of Chiropractic, Jim has been an advocate for the profession for 14 years.  He hosts the Chirohustle podcast.  He’s scheduled in thousands of new patient prospects to chiropractic offices and has spoken on stage at Chiropractic events around the world.  Jim is very intentional with his time because he knows that “What I do today is important because I’m exchanging a day of life for it.”

On this podcast you’ll hear:

  • Why Jim decided to work from Chiropractic as a non-DC
  • About the beginnings and history of Chirohustle
  • How he scheduled thousands of new patient prospects for chiropractors
  • And MUCH more!


This interview with him is a gift to you, and you can get another gift as well, which is a copy of his new patient course, New Patients in a Box.  The investment for the course is normally $1000.  Right now, you can have it for FREE at

Make your plans and reserve your seats for Mile High XI, September 23rd – 26th, at Jim will be there for the eleventh time, and you’ll want to be there too!

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[Podcast] Nonrefundable Minutes – Jim Chester