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The Chiropractic Promised Land – Joseph Arvay


Joe Arvay has been a friend of Richelle’s and mine for over 20 years. He’s the man who lights the match to kick off the Mile High Weekend.  He has been the opening Mile High speaker every year going back to the very first event 11 years ago.  This year he had the honor of being the speaker to spark MH off before Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Of course, he will be the opening speaker at Mile High 12 in September of 2024. 
Dr. Joseph Arvay DC aka The “SpineGeek” has been helping people of all ages live happy and healthy lives since 1991. His kind of doctoring allows people to wake up feeling more rested, recovered, and ready to win their days. The key to Dr. Arvay’s success is treating the whole person. He addresses the health of the patient’s Spirit, Mind, and Body. He understands that wholeness occurs when all 3 are working according to God’s perfect plan and the laws of nature. His dynamic approach to teaching has helped people all around the world live what he calls a “Green Grass Life.”

Dr. Joe graduated from Eastern Michigan University, where he was an NCAA Division 1 Varsity Wrestler.  He graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1991.  He practices currently in Northglenn, Colorado.

He’s a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, Certified in Spinal Correction, and  Certified in Nutrition.  He’s proficient in the Webster Breach Turning Technique. 

When he’s not providing care for his practice members, Joe is enjoying life with his wife Ilene.  They have 4 adult children.  He’s also in the Top 20% Worldwide Crossfit Open Masters Age Group Division.

You can learn much more about Joe at and on his YouTube channel at  You can listen to Joe’s podcast at  His social media pages are at  and

On this episode, you’ll hear the answers to:

  • How can one manifest their Chiropractic Promised Land?
  • What does living a 2+2=4 life in a world that’s 2+2=5 mean? 
  • How does nature make the rules?
  • How does the child’s brain make the rules? 

Enjoy learning from Dr, Joe on this podcast, and mark your calendars for Mile High XII in September!


P.S. Mark yourself as going here and set a reminder on your calendar. See you there!

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The Chiropractic Promised Land – Joseph Arvay