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[Podcast] Chiropractic Excellence – Danny Knowles


It’s been an incredible week since Mile High XI! If you were an attendee at the event, thank YOU for making it truly exceptional! Your presence and energy lit up the event, turning it into a vibrant celebration of Chiropractic principles.

If you were not there, you missed more than 30 exceptional speakers, tremendous connections with your colleagues, and a ton of fun!

Today’s podcast is a gift to you, whether you attended or not, as a thank you for listening to The Mile High Podcast! Today’s episode features my exclusive presentation directly from the recent Mile High event. This insightful subject will ignite your passion for Chiropractic excellence and deepen your understanding of its core principles.

And the learning doesn’t stop here! You are cordially invited to register for next year’s Mile High event. The energy, wisdom, and camaraderie at Mile High are unmatched, and experiencing it in person is transformative.

Register for Mile High XII, September 26th – 29th at

If you don’t want to wait till next year to experience all the goodness of the Mile High presentations, you can subscribe to the Streaming Access and unlock a treasure trove of knowledge from the past 11 years of Mile High. Elevate your Chiropractic understanding right from your pocket.

Subscribe to Mile High Streaming Access

If you haven’t reserved your spot for Mile High XI yet, now is the time! You’ll experience an unforgettable weekend filled with learning and connections.

Never underestimate the profound effect your actions today can have on countless lives tomorrow. As someone wise once said, “Your actions can create ripples of change that touch the lives of millions.

Let’s keep changing lives and minds through Chiropractic, continuing the ripple of positive transformation.


P.S. Mark yourself as going here and set a reminder on your calendar. See you there!

Join Mile High All Access and enjoy Mile High wherever you are on our app. Download it now!




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[Podcast] Chiropractic Excellence – Danny Knowles