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[Podcast] Humility, Gratitude, and Success In Chiropractic – David Scheiner

On this episode of The Mile High Podcast, you’ll meet chiropractic brother, Dr. David Scheiner, D.C.  Born in New York, he was exposed to spiritual practices at age 8. By his early teens, he had experienced many weekend retreat workshops facilitated by leading spiritual authorities.  He also made numerous excursions and adventures to remote lands in Mexico and Spain, learning from great spiritual masters who led him deeper into silence, his heart, and healing.

David found great success from 1996 – 2012 in the world of hands-on healing and speaking, as the founder of 4 holistic health and wellness centers and corporate-based wellness programs.

Despite living out what he always viewed as the “American dream,” David found himself hitting unexpected bumps in the road both personally and professionally, feeling anxious, unfulfilled, and wanting more. Frightened of what might happen to him if he continued down that path, David sold his businesses and walked away from everything he had worked so tirelessly to build.

David has traveled extensively to study with great teachers while living in lengthy periods of contemplation and silence. He took a deep dive into meditation retreats and began the work of fully understanding and healing himself so he could in turn fully understand and heal others.

He found his way to Chiropractic and Life University, where he graduated and has practiced for 20 years. David now focuses on helping people find a way to Chiropractic as a profession.  He’s written two books, Chiropractic Reveal and State Laws of Chiropractic Success, as well as four novels.

On this podcast you’ll hear about:

  • The meaning of success in Chiropractic and in life
  • Gifts you give and receive as a chiropractor
  • How to get on the right path and realize happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life through coaching and Growth Shops
  • And MUCH more!

This podcast will inspire you to transform your life, so you can transform more lives!

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[Podcast] Humility, Gratitude, and Success In Chiropractic – David Scheiner