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[Podcast] Picking Up the Torch – Justin Ohm

The walk and path of a second-generation chiropractor is a special one, especially when picking up a torch of leadership.  Justin Ohm is doing just that.  He’s a second-generation family chiropractor with a strong focus in perinatal and newborn care.  He’s the son of Jeanie Ohm, and chiropractic has been his life since birth.  He has four children, all of whom were born at home. Justin is the director of the ICPA. The Ohm family has done a tremendous amount for the Chiropractic profession as a whole.


You’re going to love this deep dive interview discussing:


  • Building trust in practice with your practice members
  • Empowering expectant moms
  • Salutogenic-based care
  • What the ICPA has accomplished and what’s coming up next
  • And MUCH more


The ICPA needs the Chiropractic profession to support them in their quest for pathways to wellness.  A great debt of gratitude is owed to the ICPA and the Ohm family for all they’ve done. Please seriously consider becoming a member of the ICPA and supporting their programs and research agenda.  Justin’s website is

The ICPA is a constant supporter of Mile High and an exhibitor at the weekend events.  So, to the ICPA family from the Mile High family, thank you for continuing to change lives and minds, and letting the world know how important perinatal care, newborn care, and family chiropractic care are.

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[Podcast] Picking Up the Torch – Justin Ohm