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[Podcast] Connecting with an Unsung Hero – Jake Hansen

Dr. Jake Hansen attended his first Mile High, turned on, fired up, and sharing with us how Mile High is the essence of what Chiropractic is about. He virtually glowed with enthusiasm. Since then, he’s been given the unsung hero award by Mile High for over and above hospitality service to others. At one point, he returned a wallet to an attendant in the hotel who had misplaced it. He’s been an emcee and being an emcee at Mile High multiple times and an incredible asset.

Dr. Jake graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas with his Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelor Degree in Health and Wellness. After finishing his academic and clinical requirements, he was prestigiously selected to treat our country’s Veterans at the Dallas VA medical center as an intern, and has since developed a passionate drive to work with our Nation’s Veterans and their families.
He has also participated in several pre and post-doctoral studies in pediatrics, prenatal care, and women’s health.

Jake launched his practice, Restoration Chiropractic, in Castle Rock, Colorado, while healing from two traumatic brain injuries at the same time. Dr. Hansen has treated patients from all walks of life, including extreme athletes in the NBA, NFL and the Olympics, to babies just hours old. His true passion lies in treating children and families. From 2018 to 2022, Dr. Hansen’s practice Restoration Chiropractic has been voted “The Best of The Best” Chiropractic office by Colorado Community Media Magazine.

He’s now founded and developed the Chiropractor’s Edge, where he teaches chiropractor’s mind set tools, time, finances, and freedom. He’s the CEO of Abundant Mileage. His mentorship allows high-level entrepreneurs to grow their business impact.

Although he has a great deal to be proud of, Dr. Hansen says that his greatest accomplishment in life was the day he became a husband to the girl of his dreams. His next greatest adventures came with the births of each of his three energetic and enthusiastic boys. He’s fluent in Spanihh, and is a Crazy Socks aficionado.

Enjoy this episode of the Mile High podcast, where you’ll learn more about his contributions to chiropractors, the Chiropractic profession, and Mile High.

Then, if you haven’t already, make your plans to join Jake and me at Mile High XI in Denver, September 21st – 24th. You can register now at


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[Podcast] Connecting with an Unsung Hero – Jake Hansen