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[Podcast] Celebrating 40 years in Chiropractic – Kathy Mills-Chang

Kathy is one of my favorite people. She is celebrating her 40-year anniversary, serving chiropractic profession since 1983. For Kathy, her entry into the chiropractic profession in 1983 was both a personal and professional milestone. She found her professional calling and passion, and she learned firsthand how chiropractic care impacts patients. Suffering from life-long, severe asthma, she became a patient the same day she became an insurance CA. It wasn’t long before her health was transformed and her career began. From this experience, Kathy formulated her mission and higher purpose to make sure that Chiropractic is central in the healthcare arena, with its doctors earning the respect and financial rewards that are so richly deserved.

Kathy and her company, KMC University, are Medicare compliance billing and documentation experts. Kathy was a speaker at the very first ever Mile High and many subsequent Mile Highs. She has worked tirelessly to support Mile High, Colorado chiropractors, and the Chiropractic profession. offers you the most comprehensive information available to help you with compliance. You can get a FREE two-week trial to the KMC library at

On this episode of The Mile High Podcast, you’ll discover:

• Whether it’s possible to be cash-based in a compliant fashion in today’s world
• The changes Kathy has seen over 40 years in the profession
• The cardinal rules for compliance of which you need to be aware
• Kathy’s superpower
• And MUCH more!

The time you spend with Kathy and KMC University on this podcast and taking advantage of her services and her teaching is well worth it.

Looking forward to seeing you on higher ground at Mile High, September 21st – 24th in Denver! You can register yourself and your team today at


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[Podcast] Celebrating 40 years in Chiropractic – Kathy Mills-Chang