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[Podcast] A Chiropractic Way of Life – Dr. Carolyn Griffin

For some people, chiropractic is just a way to earn a living.  For others, the profession is a way of life. Dr. Carolyn Griffin has made chiropractic a way of life for herself and her family.  As a chiropractor dedicated to enhancing the health of her patients, she has been practicing for 27 years at Back to Health Chiropractic at two locations in Santa Clarita Valley in California. She specializes in helping pregnant women and their babies.  You’re in for a real treat as you hear her discuss chiropractic practice and family.

On this podcast you’ll hear:

  •  Why Carolyn became a chiropractor
  • How chiropractic has blessed her life
  • How her practice has evolved since she graduate
  • Advice for recent graduates
  • What it’s like raising children as a chiropractor

One of the wonderful things about Carolyn Griffin is how much her heart and soul shines through, and it shines through this podcast! Enjoy!!

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[Podcast] A Chiropractic Way of Life – Dr. Carolyn Griffin