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[Podcast] Winning Social Media Strategies – Matthew Loop

Few chiropractors know social media as well as Matthew Loop, D.C.  As an early adopter in the days of MySpace while he was in practice, he released his social media elite program which has brought new prospective patients to over 8,000 chiropractors.  His world renowned book, Social Media Made Me Rich, is a game changer.

Since 2005, Matthew Loop has been completely immersed in social media, successfully teaching highly profitable internet growth strategies to brands, entrepreneurs, chiropractors, and practically any business specialty you can think of. He’s an international best-selling author, philanthropist, investor, Nasdaq / Harvard Faculty Club speaker, and a highly sought after social media revenue strategist.

Currently residing in Atlanta, he’s trained over 27,000 business owners in 25 countries.

Matthew’s public speaking events are attending by thousands of high-achievers and forward thinkers annually.

In this episode, Dr. Matthew revealed the low hanging fruit and needed actions to be taken now.  He pulls the curtain to reveal:

  • The Twitter Files
  • What’s vital today in social media
  • Your go-to actions now
  • The impact of chiropractic through and post pandemic and more.
  • Matthew’s course on chatGPT
  • And MUCH more!

His chatGPT file is HERE  for you to access to help you impact more lives in your office.  You’ll also find his social media elite training books, Internet in-club, and more are wonderful tools to help you impact more lives for the better.


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[Podcast] Winning Social Media Strategies – Matthew Loop