Petra Sullwold: Chiropractic for Animals [PODCAST]

Dr. Petra grew up in Austria around horses. She started riding at age 4 when her father bought her a very opinionated little Shetland pony mare named “Sheriff.” Despite initial challenges with Sheriff, a deep bond developed between the pair. Sheriff became Petra’s first teacher in her journey with horses. Over the years Dr. Petra, not only developed a passion for riding, but also for working with horses.

Originally an equine sports massage therapist for 7 years, Petra made the switch to ANIMAL CHIROPRACTIC. She currently resides in Mancos, Colorado and also owns Mancos Chiropractic where she and 2 other doctors see hundreds of human and animal patients.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this Mile High Podcast:

  • The history of animal chiropractic
  • Where animal chiropractic was mentioned by D.D. Palmer
  • How the Colorado law about animal chiropractic was successfully changed
  • Petra’s ranch, her mustangs and 50 other animals
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

Dr. Petra received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through the Options for Animals program in Wellsville, Kansas in 2008. Besides adjusting horses, running Mancos Chiropractic, playing with her horses, she loves to teach with her husband Clayton and her dear friend Jay Komarek. See seminar schedule.

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