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Jodi Dinnerman: This Soup’s for You! [PODCAST]


There are all kinds of practice styles, and there are all kinds of gifts. Dr. Jodi Dinnerman has found her gifts to give. A 2000 graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic, she practices in New Jersey. She has also opened Staffless Practice Training to help chiropractors, who want to serve more and have their hands on more people, fill their practices with ideal practice members. In addition, she teaches docs to manage fewer staff and make their practices more effortless. She is the author of a new book titled STAFFLESS: Front desk solutions for solo practitioners. It’s an Amazon bestseller and coordinates what she affectionately calls Soup School, so people can serve their best soup to their community.

On this episode you’ll hear how YOU can:
• Serve more people with ease
• Enjoy more abundance
• Have more freedom
• And MUCH more!

Listen to and enjoy this podcast, find out more about Jodi Dinnerman, and connect with her when you’re a Mile High this month.

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Jodi Dinnerman: This Soup’s for You! [PODCAST]