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Jason Dulberg: Chiropractic and Vibration [PODCAST]


Enjoy this podcast with this brilliant, young student, and if you haven’t already, reserve seats for yourself and your team at Mile High 2021 in Denver, September 23rd – 26th.

The very special guest on this episode of The Mile High Podcast is the winner of the Mile High Student Speaker Contest.  He’ll be sharing from the Main Stage at Mile High this year.  He’s a 4th quarter student at Life University.  He grew up in Miami Florida and went to college at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he graduated in 3 years. During his time there, he earned a degree in political science, sold real estate as a licensed realtor, and invented a self-defense item on which he holds a patent. He’s a jack-of-all-trades, and his true passion is, and has always been, Chiropractic. Jason grew up in a Chiropractic household and was inspired to go down this path because of his father, Dr. Mark Dulberg, and other amazing doctors with whom he grew up, like Drs. Danny and Richelle Knowles, Dr. Donald Epstein, and the late Dr. Michael Solomon to name a few. He has been waiting his entire life to reach this point where he can finally learn the science, philosophy, and art that is the beautiful Chiropractic profession. One day, he hopes to help people just like those to whom he has always looked up. He’s extremely excited to present to you at Mile High!

On this podcast you’ll hear:

  • How growing up in a chiropractic household led him down the road of Chiropractic
  • His experience of Chiropractic education in school
  • Why the world needs Chiropractic, especially the younger generation
  • The power of the innate human body in healing versus external sources
  • And MUCH more!

Today is also World Photo Day, so if you have attended a past Mile High and have pictures from your time there, or if you’re a speaker at this year’s Mile High, please share your photo and encourage your colleagues to register!  Thanks for your support!!

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Jason Dulberg: Chiropractic and Vibration [PODCAST]