"At Sherman College I got an incredible education on the philosophy science and art of chiropractic."
- Arno Burnier

There are a handful of people within our profession that are known by nearly everyone simply by their first name. Arno is one of them. I first met Arno in a very unique way which was as the officiant of my parents wedding. This makes him nearly family to me.

Arno has been an incredible messenger within chiropractic of a expanded consciousness view of the impact of our philosophy. The journey he shares in this interview conducted by Joel Kinch discusses the potential for chiropractic to create a new paradigm for humanity.

Our existing paradigm is not sustainable. And more more people are becoming aware that suppressing life with drugs and suppressing symptoms has not been producing successful results for people's lives.

It's time to help the world move from a reactive, attack, suppression model of healthcare to changing consciousness, changing beliefs systems and life enhancement paradigm. Connecting with Arno always helps to connect to the heart and soul of the chiropractic consciousness. Read his full bio here. Enjoy!


"The potential for chiropractic is to create a new paradigm for humanity concerning life health healing and well-being."
- Arno Burnier

Question of the day: "How has your consciousness shifted since receiving chiropractic care yourself?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • What keeps you passionate about life in chiropractic and staying involved in it?
  • What do you feel about the potential of chiropractic?
  • What will you be bringing partly to Mile High?
  • Do you see the shift in chiropractic paradigm happening in our generation?
  • Do you think the generation coming behind is equip with the philosophy and tools to keep this profession moving forward?
  • How would you define success when you were in practice?
  • What brings you great joy right now?

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