"Love is the primary carrier wave."
- Jay Komarek

In this episode of the mile high podcast I know you will enjoy hearing from a member of one of the chiropractic profession's largest chiropractic families. Our conversation in this interview spans an incredible range of chiropractic history, chiropractic greats as well as chiropractic philosophy.

Growing up in a chiropractic family Dr. Jay Komarek witnessed the incredible life changes people have through chiropractic at a very young age first hand.  Additionally he has had the opportunity to hear from many chiropractic legends throughout his life. Read his full bio here.

This interview will absolutely touch your heart and soul as a chiropractor and inspire you to raise your standards for presence, service and focus. As we discussed how broad and rich our philosophy is as well as philosophical resources and resources for working with animals. Lastly, I personally really enjoyed the reminder of how vital present time consciousness is when caring for others.


"Loving service is my first technique."
- Dr. Jim Parker

Question of the day: "What are your tools to increase your presence?" Please let me know in the comments.

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You will learn:

  • Who Jay's favorite music performer is.
  • The importance of chiropractic enthusiasm.
  • How care for animals can increase your certainty.
  • The importance of caring for patients as if they are family.
  • The value of authenticity.
  • Requirements to work with animals.
  • Rituals for present time consciousness.
  • The impact mile high has had on the political landscape and revitalization of the chiropractic principles in the center of the country.

Questions I asked:

  • Tells us about your background in chiropractic?
  • What do you remember about your dad being a chiropractic? Did they do educational classes?
  • Is it true that there are not many chiropractors focusing on taking care of animals like it once was?
  • Talk about your experience of how working with animals deepens your certainly, values and how powerful chiropractic is?
  • If people want to learn more about working with animals, what are some resources that help you?
  • Who are some of your big mentors in chiropractic?
  • In the early days, what was it like at a program with Jim Parker?
  • What are some rituals that you think will help practitioners to be their best?
  • What are some of the greatest philosophical resources you will recommend to people to grow?
  • What have you noticed about chiropractic in Colorado since we have started Mile High?

People Mentioned:

Books Mentioned:

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