Shawn Dill

Have a conviction stronger that you desire to please.” – Shawn Dill

Dr. Shawn Dill, DC is one of the few people in chiropractic who excels in chiropractic philosophy, science, art and business. He’s a terrific chiropractor who is skilled in technique, and he serves as a mentor to numerous chiropractors as well, training them in the art of the specific. Shawn also operates multiple specific chiropractic centers around the globe. It’s evident that Shawn is doing things with synergy.

On this podcast, you’ll learn how you can expand your efforts and your vision beyond a dream into reality. You’ll receive real information and direction from Dr. Shawn!

This year you’ll be also able to learn from him at Mile High 2018 in Denver, August 16th – 19th. He’s one of the nearly 30 featured main-stage speakers and will be doing a valuable, content-rich breakout session with his wife Dr. Lacey Book, DC as well!

If you haven’t already registered yourself and your team, do it today at, before the investment increases again! Also remember to book your hotel at

Looking forward to seeing you there with your team!


"We need to step out of our box and we need to learn to market to those people who are not currently under chiropractic care." - Shawn Dill

Question of the day: "Are you concerned about healthcare freedoms being taken away?" Please let me know in the comments.

Questions I asked:

  • Where are you motivations comes from to do so much for chiropractic?
  • How are you so efficient in different areas and do those in a very high level?
  • Tell us a little about the topic that you will be talking at Mile High?
  • You have been to Mile High for 3 years now, why do you love being at Mile High?

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