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[Podcast] The Pain of Avoiding Pain – Dr. Donny Epstein

Commonly, health systems worldwide are built around the avoidance of pain. As chiropractors you know that pain, regardless of what is considered to be the cause, is a way that innate intelligence interrupts your day-to-day life. It means that there is not sufficient energy to organize the body’s systems at a higher order. On this podcast you’ll hear Dr. Donny Epstein share priceless healing and TIC insights as he shares about the purpose and importance of pain in the healing process.

Donny graduated NYCC 45 years ago. He established two high volume private practices in New York before leaving practice to research, teach, write, and develop models of healing and personal evolution consistent with the original chiropractic impulse. He has personally attended to about a quarter of a million people and has taught and delivered his systems worldwide.

His models, approaches, concepts and his revolutionary Network systems (Network Chiropractic, Network Spinal Analysis and the latest evolution, NetworkSpinal) together have impacted thousands of chiropractors and the millions who they’ve served.  His work has been researched by teams at about a dozen colleges and universities. People have gotten their masters and PhD degrees in engineering, mathematics and psychology studying the mechanisms and outcomes effect of his Network systems on CNS coherence and studying the unique human identifier called the Network Wave. This spinal signal regulates how the spine and CNS learns, adapts and evolves. Beyond  this he has developed  approaches that have boldly put innate expression in the awareness, vocabulary and hands of the masses.

While Network is the chiropractic application with which many of you are familiar, the Epstein technologies span varied disciplines- including concepts from expanded health care to personal transformation and human and corporate performance.
His articles in popular press and professional journals have focused on the organization and upgrading of the human operating system, human development and the relationship of spinal and neural integrity to consciousness, motor strategies, the extraordinary experience and advancement of the human condition.

One for Chiropractic’s living legends, he is not only a master of its science, art, philosophy, he is a force of nature and love. A tremendous supporter of The Mile High Experience, I’m honored to have him join us as on the Mile High podcast once again!

On this podcast you’ll hear Donny share:

  • What pain is really about
  • The original impulse of TIC
  • The pain caused by avoiding pain
  • Helping patients to understand that pain is about their life

For an introduction to what pain is about and your capacity to access energy for innate to self-organize, tune in at no cost to Donny’s 4 part series, The End of Pain As You Know It. The broadcasts will touch upon the 4 types of pain and what they mean to you.

CLICK HERE and enjoy the introduction to this impactful 4 part series:

Every patient and practice member must know this information

The first of the series aired last week, The Pain of Avoiding Pain.

CLICK HERE and enjoy Part 1.

Donny shares various tools for people to experience a change in the energetic patterns leading to pain. The key is that pain is MORE than what medicine and chiro schools currently teach.

Mark your calendar for July 16th (MY BIRTHDAY!) at 11am MDT to tune in for Part 2 of the series LIVE -The Pain of Not Being Able to Manage Your Experience. Stay tuned for a link to sign up for this call and also to apply for Donny to help you or a patient on the call!

One more free gift from Donny!
Here is the link to participate for 5 days at no charge (20 life changing minutes per day) with Donny.

CLICK HERE to take Donny’s 5 Day Challenge!

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[Podcast] The Pain of Avoiding Pain – Dr. Donny Epstein