Dan Lyons: Great Minds Discussing Ideas [PODCAST]

On the Mile High podcast, you get to hear interviews with some of the greatest minds in Chiropractic.  One of those great minds is Dr. Dan Lyons. He is a philosophy diplomat and a teacher in the Gonstead Methodology Systems. Dan graduated from Palmer College in 1996. He’s been the president of several chiropractic organizations and has been involved in bettering the profession for years.

Dan’s message is that as a chiropractor, you are running a business, and you need to be serious about the philosophy, art, science and business of chiropractic.  If chiropractors band together and help each other stay on track, grow and succeed, the entire Chiropractic profession will become better and better!

What you’ll hear on this podcast is a discussion about:

  • Dr. Phyllis
  • Why chiropractic always works
  • What I wish I had known
  • And of course, the philosophy, science, and art of Chiropractic

You can find out more about Dr. Dan Lyons and the Gonstead System at

Check out this week’s podcast here:

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One of the best ways to uplift yourself, your practice and the profession is to uplift yourself to a Mile High altitude.  Dan will be one of more than 25 tremendous speakers at Mile High Vision 2020 in Denver, August 20th – 23rd.  2020 will be his first year as a speaker on the main stage.

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Yours in ChiropracTIC education and excellence,

Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C.

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